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27 ноября 2018, 15:28

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 cameras get detailed for all four upcoming models

We’re expecting several different Galaxy S10 models next year with a different camera configuration on each one, but up until now we’ve only had a couple brief rumors about what that will actually look like. This new leak also suggests that we’ll see a fourth Galaxy S10 model with yet another different camera configuration, plus 5G support for networks in Samsung’s home of South Korea.

To get the boring stuff out of the way first, the basic Galaxy S10 model will have a single front-facing camera, but the other three will sport identical dual front cameras. Cool, but most of us aren’t getting too excited about selfie cameras.

On the back of the phone you’ll get up to four cameras, depending on the mode. The bottom tier Galaxy S10 will actually have a dual-camera, with a standard lens and zoom lens, which conflicts with the earlier rumors about it only sticking with the single camera design of the Galaxy S9. That also matches the next model up, although that model will have the dual front cameras for a total of four lenses on the phone.

The Galaxy S10+ has all of the above, but it picks up a third lens on the back, adding a wide angle lens to the standard and zoom lenses of the smaller models. Lastly, the Galaxy S10+ with 5G adds a flight sensing 3D camera for AR and VR purposes. That puts the total camera count at six for the top of the line model.

Next year should be exciting.

source: Phone Arena

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/AndroidNewsGoogleAndroidForums/~3/o4V4m3ScEMU/